Cochran boiler

It is a multi-tubular vertical fire tube boiler having a number of horizontal fire tubes. T is the modification of a simple vertical boiler where the heating surface has been increased by means of a number of fire tubes.


It consists of 

  1. Shell
  2. Crate
  3. Fire box
  4. Flue pipe
  5. Fire tubes
  6. Combustion chamber
  7. Chimney


  1. Man-hole


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Lancashire Boiler

It is a stationary, fire tube, internally fired boiler. The size is approximately from 7-9 meters in length and 2-3 meters in diameter.

Construction of Lancashire Boiler:

It consists of 

  1. Cylindrical shell
  2. Furnace tubes, bottom flue and side flues
  3. Grate
  4. Fire bridge
  5. Dampers

Cylindrical shell

It is placed in horizontal position over a brick work. It is partly filled up with water. The water level inside the shell is well above the furnace tubes.

Furnace tubes, bottom flue and side flues:

Two large internal furnace tubes (flue tubes) extend from one end to the other end of the shell. The flues are built-up of ordinary brick lined with fire bricks. One bottom flue and two side flues are formed by brick setting, as shown in the figure.

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Boilers can be classified as follows

  1. According to the flow of water and hot gases – fire tube (or smoke tube) and water tube boilers.

    In fire tube boilers, hot gases pass through tubes which are surrounded with water. Examples: Vertical, Cochran, Lancashire and Locomotive boilers. There may be single tube as in case of Lancashire boiler or there may be a bank of tubes as in a locomotive boiler.

    In water tube boilers, water circulates through a large number of tubes and hot gases pass around them. Eg., bobcock & Wilcox boiler.

    2. According to the axis of the shell – vertical and horizontal boilers.

    3. According to location or position of the furnace. Externally and internally fired boilers.

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