Production Supervisor Question & Answers

What is the role of a Production Supervisor?

The job of the production supervisor is to monitors and controls all oil and gas production and utility systems to make sure that production targets are achieved. The role reports to the offshore installation manager (OIM) on the platform. You will work closely with other offshore supervisors and liaise with vendors, contractors, onshore support teams and specialist companies.

What are the duties of a Production Supervisor?

  • Managing and controlling the activities of production technicians
  • Ensuring that all production operations are carried out safely.
  • Liaising with onshore engineers regarding production issues
  • Ensuring that the Permit to Work system functions efficiently
  • Solving production outages problems
  • Ensuring the minimisation of production losses
  • Making sure that the production plant, processes and equipment are working efficiently

What are the Qualifications required for a Production Supervisor?

You must have relevant experience as an offshore technician and hold the offshore survival certificate and offshore medical certificate.

Give Introduction about Yourself (Family Background, Education, Hobbies, and Working Experience if any)

Start your answer with Name, Your Education details, Your Family Background, Hobbies and any other extra Curricular activities.            

Tell us your positive and negative points

My positive and negative point is my over confidence.

What do you know about this Company?

This company product is corrosive resistant pipeline. This company customer is Indofil, Aarti Drugs and many more.

Why you choose the production supervisor post?

Sir, because I have experience in production and I will do work with full confidence in this field.

Why did you leave your previous job?

It's because neither company had any vision or a mission. I want to grow with a company which has some plans.

Even after my best performance I feel my hard work is not appreciated.

How will you handled 500 manpower?

As per following the company process flow chart so that it can be easy to work.

A proper SOP will be made and based on that the manpower will be handled

Team building, good communication is my skill and I will use my skill to handle 500 manpower’s.

How will you manage your manpower if they resist your work instructions?

I will try to convince them to do the job.If an employee is not convinced then the employee needs to be made aware of rules of working in a company. I will follow the company policy for employees whichever is possible as per the situation.

How to fix target for production?

First make a time study in shop floor.The target should be set according to customer demand and also check the praetor cycle time of every operation and u can fix the production.

What is reverse osmosis and in reverse osmosis whether the liquid flows from higher media to lower media or from lower media to higher media?

 In reverse osmosis the liquid flows from lower media to higher media.

What is your Knowledge in Heat Treatment?

There are different types of Heat Treatment, its process and Hardness each process gives.

What is your greatest weakness?

Show that you are aware of your weakness and what you have done to overcome it. • Show that you are “self-aware” and that you have the ability to take steps to improve yourself. • Don’t you DARE answer with the cliche “I’m a perfectionist” answer or any other such answer that the hiring manager can see right through. • Don’t highlight a weakness that is a core competency of the job. (Know the job description “inside and out”).

What is your greatest strength?

This is your time to shine. Just remember the interviewer is looking for work related strengths. Mention a number of them such as being a good motivator, problem solver, performing well under pressure, being loyal, having a positive attitude, eager to learn, taking initiative and attention to detail. Whichever you go for, be prepared to give examples that illustrate this particular skill.

Why did you leave your last job?

Here you will need to be careful as there are many possible answers you could use, just remember to NEVER talk negatively about any prior or current employer to a potential employer. No one wants to think that in a few years‟ times you could be saying the same about them. A possible reason could be to say you were looking for better opportunities, for you to grow professionally, or you were looking for the chance to work abroad.

Why should we hire you?

This is a differentiation question. What you want to tell them is: they'd be crazy not to they hire you. Focus on them: You need to only share how you meet almost all the criteria they seek, and also have two to three additional abilities that they might not even know they need…yet. They need to know you are a candidate who can not only meet their needs now, but will also be valuable for where they want to go in the future.

What can we expect from you in your first 90 days?

Ideally the answer to this should come from the employer: they should have plans and expectations for you. But if you're asked, use this general framework: • you’ll work hard to determine how your job creates value -- you won't just stay busy, you'll stay busy doing the right things. • You'll learn how to serve all your constituents -- your boss, your employees, your peers, your customers and suppliers and vendors... • You'll focus on doing what you do best -- you'll be hired because you bring certain skills, and you'll apply those skills to make things happen. • You'll make a difference -- with customers, with other employees, to bring enthusiasm and focus and a sense of commitment and teamwork.



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