EPC of Power Facilities

Our company provides the full range of services for the design, installation, commissioning and start-up of power facilities on a «turn-key» basis:

  • Pre-design site inspection, proposal development for unit modernization or construction;
  • Planning and surveying, design and engineering of power facilities, project documentation development;
  • Specification development for the equipment manufacture and procurement;
  • Procurement: order placement, monitoring of the equipment manufacturing status, equipment acceptance, and procurement arrangement of transportation and documentation to the site;
  • Oversight of primary and auxiliary equipment assembly and installation;
  • Integrated testing of the equipment, plant handover for commissioning.
  • Training, Pre-commissioning, commissioning, Start-up and testing;
  • Equipment and overall plant performance testing
  • Operational turning and testing

Mini thermal generator sets

The electrical output of modern small capacity gas turbine and gas engine generator sets is about 20 kWe–20 MWe. These generator sets are widely used in industry, housing and utilities infrastructure, trade and sports complexes, and also to provide oil and gas fields with heat and electric power.

The mini-thermal generator set is an individual power system – a power unit for combined power and heat generation to meet the requirements of each individual consumer. As a rule, the mini- thermal generator set uses gas turbines and gas engines of small capacity (up to 20 MWe). Heat recovery steam generators utilize exhaust heat and produce heat for domestic and industrial purposes (on site heating, hot water supply, steam). Combined power and heat generation is called cogeneration. The operating efficiency of mini-thermal generator sets depends on selecting the right equipment and implementing proper operating modes.


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