Cryogenic Air Separation Units

Premium Engineering offers a wide model range of cryogenic ASUs.

Specification of standard cryogenic ASUs
  Oxygen Nitrogen Argon
Capacity up to 70,000 nm3/h up to 200,000 nm3/h up to 2,500 nm3/h
Purity up to 99.9% vol.О2 up to 0.0001% vol.О2

up to 0.0001% vol.О2

up to 0.0001% vol.N2

The ASUs are designed using the latest innovative technologies which not only provide high energy efficiency but also give the user the option of various operating modes within the framework of one ASU. All our ASUs can be adapted to specific industrial application, according to the customer’s requirements.





Advantages of the cryogenic ASUs


ASUs produce gases with the lowest possible content of impurities (special purity products).

О2 – 99,5…99,9%

N2 – 99,9995%

Ar – 99,9995%

ASUs can produce several gases simultaneously (this is known as complex separation).

Cryogenic ASUs offer the customer a choice between gas and liquid output.

Implementation of various operating modes within the framework of one ASU with a wide range of product specification.






gas + liquid

ASUs consume comparatively less power while producing high purity products  
Long operation period between two warms-up up to 2 years
High reliability, long service life up to 25 years



Cryogenic cycles

ASUs implement highly efficient cryogenic cycles, such as LP cycles with an expander, «two-pressure» cycles, and cycles with an independent circulation loop. Also, they use the boosting of the flow in the booster part of the turboexpander to increase the cooling capacity of the cycle without any additional power consumption. The pressures of the cycle are optimized owing to the thermodynamic efficiency of the process and the availability of the most efficient and reliable equipment, including compressors.


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AJAX compressor

Ajax integral engine-compressors are gas compressors with built-in two cycle natural gas engine. The slow speed (440 rpm max), simplistic design make this compressor highly reliable, low maintenance and easy to operate. Ajax is the compressor of choice in its power range (105-600 KW) and it is common to see several Ajax machines in one compressor station. Standard features include:






  1. Hydraulic fuel control system: for optimum fuel efficiency.
  2. Babbitt sleeve and/or Double-row tapered roller bearings: for maximum loading in extreme application conditions.
  3. Power cylinders: two-cycle, low-BMEP, chrome-plated, with fewer parts for less maintenance. Require no gas control valves.
  4. Crosshead guides: absorb (relieve) crank stresses on the cylinder and prevent contamination of lube oil in crankcase.
  5. Splash lubrication system: no oil pump, filter or cooler required for main and connecting rod bearings. Oil-bath lubrication system is sealed from combustion process in the cylinders.
  6. Reliable ignition: solid-state, time-based ignition system without distributor.
  7. Efficient lubrication: force-fed lubrication system for power and compression cylinders, with lube point injection and divider block.
  8. Crosshead structure with Babbitt facing at both the power and the compressor ends.
  9. Crankshaft and Connecting rods: closed-die forged in precision dies.
  10. Crankcase: ribbed, cast iron construction for durability.
  11. Distant piece (intermediate casing): API-Type II extra-length design for easy rod packing maintenance.
  12. High rod load and cylinder working pressure: full-load operation through a variety of compression ratios up to 6:1 per stage.
  13. Compressor cylinders: large gas passages and valve flow areas for high efficiency.
  14. High-quality differential poppet valves.
  15. Cylinder clearance/loading regulation: manual, hand-wheel type, variable-volume extra clearance pocket with indicator allows the cylinder unloading without de-pressurizing.


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