Rotating Machinery Health Management and Rotating Equipment Maintenance and Reliability Training Course Content

Course Content Day 1 - Machinery Health and Reliability Excellence - Introduction COURSE OVERVIEW First day – Cause of Rotating Machinery failures Second day – Standards, condition monitoring and top-class maintenance Third day – Shafts, bearings and seals for reliability excellence, Maintenance for reliability Fourth day – Improving machinery reliability, reducing maintenance cost, sustaining RE integrity What is ‘Rotating Machinery Excellence’? PLANT AND MACHINERY DOWNTIME COSTS The True Cost of Failure Where Profit is Lost in Business Processes The Purpose of Business Maintenance is an Economic Decision Impact of Defects and Failures Defect and Failure True (DAFT) Costs go Company-wide Failure Costs Surge thru the Company Separate the True Downtime Costs so you can see them for what they are Calculating the True Downtime Costs MACHINERY RISK MANAGEMENT Understanding Risk and Its Consequences Risk Calculations The Shape of Risk Risk Relationships What Risk Means Determine Your Acceptable Failure Domain Maintenance is Used to Manage Risk Benefits of Reducing Operating Risk VARIATION, DEFECTS AND FAILURES Defects and Failures Enter Your Business Everyday Normal Ways to Control Defects and Failures Preventing Defects and Failures The Trouble with Accepting a Defect Defects Lead to Failures and High Costs Act to Control the Defects and Risks Problems, Defects and Failures start with Variation Effects of Process Condition Disruptions Special and Common Cause Variation Preventing Process Condition Disruptions MACHINERY DESIGN ISSUES The Unforgiving Nature of Machine Design Activity 1 - Design Shaft Rotor and Material Selection The Slow Destroyers Good Process Control Prevents Rapid Internal Equipment Changes Supporting Structure and Foundation Strength and Rigidity Vibration Basics

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