Duties of Seamen in Ship's Engine Department

Engineering Branch Training. United States Maritime Service Training Manual. War Shipping Administration Training Organization, published for United States Maritime Service by Cornell Maritime Press, 1943, 1944

The first sight of a ship's power plant in operation is apt to be a fascinating spectacle of large whirling cranks; gleaming piston rods, sliding in and out of huge lofty cylinders, and of roaring fires in the furnaces. The maze of pipe lines and smaller machinery gives the impression of a complicated assembly requiring much time to understand. Nothing could be further from the truth, for the principles of operation are simple if followed step by step.


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Engine Department

Engine Department is most important equipment of ship organisation for safe and economic sealing in sea. Marine engineers are responsible for maintenance of the engine room. The chief engineer and ship engineer are responsible for ensuring that all planned mechanical and electrical maintenance takes place and Co-ordinates operations with shore-side port engineer. In the supervision of chief engineer whole department perform all technical aspect which is required for perfect and smooth sealing. The whole department is divided into different job designation according to job profile/role and responsibility. There are many designations in engine department which is determined by size and requirement of ship.

 Well known designation accordance to hierarchy level of engine department:

He captain is in overall command of a Merchant navy ship and is responsible for the safety, efficiency and commercial feasibility of his ship. His duties are navigational at sea. While in ports he is responsible for cargo operations. He maintains orderliness and discipline in the ship. He ensures safety of passengers, crew and the cargo and assigns organizational duties for ship's operation, navigation and maintenance of the ship. He acts as the ship owner's representative with all outside parties. He implements the company's policies for operations and safety and the commercial instructions that may be given by the owners time to time. He is also the legal head of the ship..

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